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Making the most of beautiful Loch Lomond

Whether you are visiting the picturesque location of Loch Lomond for the first time or are a returning visitor, Can You Experience have a variety of activities on offer to help you get the most out of your trip.

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Get out, breathe in the natural beauty of Loch Lomond, Scotland, on a day trip to further enjoy the local area.

You can even take advantage of our hire activities, suitable for all abilities. From canoeing to hiking, mountain biking, or even a combination of all three activities there is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a family day out why not visit us at our hire base at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch, part of Scotland’s’ First National Park, where you can enjoy a relaxing pedal boat trip, or why not have a go in a stable, open canoe!!

Take advantage of the variety of cycle routes available locally with our bike hire.

Segwey Safari Loch Lomond

Can You Experience’s marketing executive, Natalie Miller, tells about her recent Loch Lomond segway safari.

On one of my latest days off,  I had the morning to myself – no work, no children, no responsibilities for a couple of hours – I have a love for Loch Lomond and the great outdoors and decided to take to 2 wheels!

On my bike I hear you say – no, even better than that, I experienced the pure thrill of the segway! 

The sun was shining and I could feel the excitement mounting as I walked from my house to Can You Experience’s operational activity base on the beach at Loch Lomond Shores in Balloch, for this experience that I had heard so much about! 

I arrived early in the morning, my favourite time at Loch Lomond, the loch was so still, the sun shone against our sheltered lagoon – the water was like glass.

Loch Lomond Shores is so peaceful at that time of the day, the Can You Experience staff had been in for a few hours already and had set up for the day – canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, katakana, and rowing boats lined the shore and bikes were stacked high, ready for use. 

The segways were ready too!  Geez, I could feel the nervous butterflies kicking in! Gregor, my instructor for the segway session, sensed that I was tense and his jokes, together with his attention to safety and confident manner helped me relax – I was kitted out with helmet and given a full safety brief. 

Gregor then explained how to control the machines – it is really strange at first to be honest – lean forward to move forward, stop by leaning back and lean left or right to go in the desired direction.

I surprised myself and actually took to it really quickly – I spent 5 minutes or so practicing on the beach, manoeuvring the machines over tree roots and over different terrains, meanwhile taking in those awesome Loch Lomond views. 

Then it was time to experience the real safari! 

I followed Gregor for the full hour and he constantly made me feel comfortable, I could just sense that safety was his main priority!

We took to the paths along the river Leven, up and down hills, over different surfaces and experienced speed – what an adrenalin rush! 

I was in total control of the segway, I had learned to steer, accelerate and stop – however the stopping did take that bit longer, I appeared to rock backward and forwards for a while before actually stopping, but it came in the end, just took that bit longer! 

As I felt comfortable and in control of the segway, we then hit the forest!  Much rougher terrain and much more to navigate round – really put the skills to good use, and was so, so much fun! 

I whizzed around the forest at speed, felt the wind in my hair and could feel the fresh air on my face – magic!

I’m also a skier and this segway experience through the forest reminded me of downhill skiing through the forests – a lovely reminder!

After that thrill, we then headed for another forest, which afforded amazing Loch and Ben Lomond views. I managed to capture a couple of lovely photos as a wonderful reminder of that morning to myself! 

I can’t wait to get on those off-road machines again!